Friday, January 02, 2009


Have been quiet for a few months. Having finished college in Sydney, we're now part way through a move to Queensland to work for the Presbyterian Church of Queensland. We're looking for a place in Arundel where I'll be a student minister at Arundel Presbyterian while I study at the Queensland Theological College. So my thoughts haven't been that straight, especially with the stress of trying to find a house to rent during the Christmas-New Year chaos. (Will try and post about that experience at some stage.)

So what will we be doing at Arundel? Initially, just getting to know people and taking on leadership of the Youth Group. But long term, we're aiming under God's hand to start up a congregation that specifically serves University students well. Will try and post my lessons along the way. I also owe a few posts with highlights from my project comparing Christian and Islamic doctrines of Scripture and my issues paper on eschtaological Sabbath Rest. But not today. Until then, please forgive my relative silence.

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