Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zechariah, Micah and Zephaniah

Having worked through Zechariah recently, I've been struck by the allusions particularly to Micah. (Mind you, the prophet was very conscious of his predecessors and is a strong demonstration of the relevance of God's Word across generations.)

The allusions to Micah are striking within the book of the 12 because Micah is the final prophet to the united kingdom. Thus when his themes are appropriated in Zechariah 9–14 it is no small assertion and the hearer must ask how the hopes and expectations of Micah are to be appropriated in Zechariah's generation.

Here's the allusions that have struck me. I haven't found anyone else list them together and I wanted to see whether they have weight together.

The problem of false prophets and the people's faithfulness2:1113:2—6
Gathering of the scattered flock of Israel2:1210:6–12
Peoples streaming to Zion4:1–26:15; 8:20–23
Zion as the source of law4:27:2–8:19
Peace among the nations from the Davidide4:3–49:10
Sitting beneath a vine4:43:10
Nations that rejoice over fall of Israel4:10–132:1?
Reign to the ends of the earth5:49:10
Shepherd of the flock5:4–69:16; 10:2–3; 11:3–17
Israel scattered among the nations and brought out in judgement5:6–810:8–11

And since I came across them, some interesting words shared between Zephaniah and Zechariah.

Word or phraseZephaniahZechariah
Canaanites/traders1:11; 2:514:12
"Congealed" men1:1214:6
Fortress1:169:12 (not exactly same root)
The remnant's hand will not sink3:16(I forget what I was thinking)

I'm sure there's more, and I'm still forming my thoughts about the significance. And yes, some of the connections are more tenuous than others. I've been generous until I work out what I'm thinking.

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