Thursday, November 06, 2008

Zechariah 2:1-12 [2:5-17 Heb]

Jerusalem doesn't need a wall. Their security lies in God's presence, for he will be a wall of fire around them. Implication: don't build a wall and repel Persia, build a temple and allow the sovereign God to protect you. This is good news for the surrounding country (the open lands referred to in v.8) as well. v.10-17 seems to be a separate song and I think 14-17 leans heavily on Zephaniah 3 (especially 8-9, 14-15). This reaffirms what the prophets promised before exile, provided the people look to Yahweh and align with him (ie. they build the temple so his presence is manifest in their midst).

Again, the nations are in view, but here it emphasises their being gathered to Jerusalem. Despite its insignificance, and worse its apparent weakness before Persia, their God—Yahweh—is asserted as sovereign of all the earth. Even in their weak and hidden state, God is in control.

The hiddenness of God's sovereignty is seen clearly in Jesus' death (the disciples' prayer in Acts 4) and teaches us to turn to Christ despite his being humiliating in the world's eyes (1 Cor 1).

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