Monday, October 27, 2008

Wisely spending money

After a great sermon on Ecclesiastes 5 and 6 at church yesterday, this post has some very practical tips for saving money that really agree with the wisdom of Ecclesiastes. As the article begins,

Live a comfortable life, not a wasteful one. Do not spend to impress others. Do not live life trying to fool yourself into thinking wealth is measured in material objects. Manage your money wisely so your money does not manage you. Always live well below your means.

Or as Ecclesiastes says,

5:10 Whoever loves money never has money enough;
 whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income.
 This too is meaningless.
13 I have seen a grievous evil under the sun:
 wealth hoarded to the harm of its owner,
14 or wealth lost through some misfortune,
 so that when he has a son
 there is nothing left for him.
6:9 Better what the eye sees
 than the roving of the appetite.
 This too is meaningless,
 a chasing after the wind.

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