Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hooray for the Presbyterians!

The Presbyterian Church of Australia has been derided at times for its handling of heretics. Some will claim it was too harsh. Others will think it has at times allowed heresy to fester. The Age reports on a recent heresy finding that I thoroughly support. To quote the article:

The six teachings the commission rejected are accepting "feelings" as revelation from God equal to the Bible, that contact with non-Fellowship members leads to defilement, that the Fellowship claims higher loyalty than members' families, that Christians can be controlled by "generational curses" or evil spirits, and that God's forgiveness depends on confessing to other people or on personal holiness.

They sound like teachings worth condemning to me because they are miles from the confidence that we know God as he reveals himself in Scripture, that his salvation is secured by his grace in the Christ's death and resurrection (and not by our obedience) and that he establishes a community aligned with Christ that continues to live in this world as witnesses.

The word heresy sounds harsh. But leading people away from Christ deserves harsh words.

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