Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The question isn't "continuity/discontinuity"

Have been watching (and participating a little in) a discussion on the continuity and discontinuity between the old and new creation. The discussion started at Sola Panel and continued on Michael Jensen's blog. It has generally been very helpful for me.

It's made me realise that continuity/discontinuity just isn't the issue. What we're all trying to work out is:

(a) how to rightly portray the judgement of God on this world in a way that speaks the affirming "yes" of Christ's resurrection while not losing the horror inducing "no" as God condemns our idolizing of his good creation;

(b) how should our attitude to the present creation be affected by the knowledge of God's eschatological purposes—his work of judgement and re-creation.

I've appreciated being moved in a different direction.

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