Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Michael Ovey on Repentance

Have just started our Moore Annual Lectures. Michael's taking us through Luke-Acts and asking whether the Gospel is, as Calvin would suggest, centrally about repentance and faith. Or whether, as some modern views would suggest, that repentance is a by-product of the declaration of the Lordship of Christ. Last night was very enriching—using literary tools Michael reflected on the contrast of character development of "tax collectors" and "Pharisees" in Luke. He used six feasts mentioned in Luke's narrative to show how this developed. The real twist came when we discovered the early characterisation of greed and sinfulness of the tax collectors is revealed to also be the characteristic of the Pharisees, but that the Pharisees, due to their self-righteousness, do not receive the invitation to the joyous feast of repentant sinners. Looking forward to seeing the understanding of righteousness in Luke unfold.

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