Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time for a new computer

Well, I've spent the last couple of years with some second hand laptops for college. They've been good, but the one at college only has 64MB of RAM and the one at home 186MB. At college I've been using Vector Linux which is sweet. But while Word 97 has been running fine, it started to crash periodically. At home it's been Windows 2000 which takes forever to load and is cramped.
So with 4th year coming, it's time for an upgrade.
And I'm looking at moving to the mac. Partly because Vista looks even more ugly than XP, and partly because I want a machine that's simply going to work. And I figure if Apple's produced the machine and the software, there's at least some hope. Besides, I like Unix, so I'll feel more at home if I need to go to prompt.
I'm thinking of a Macbook, upgrading it to 4GB so that I can run parallels comfortably, and then I can keep working with Bibleworks. (Accordance is ok, but you get more for less money with Bibleworks, it seems to me. And we currently have v. 4.0 of Bibleworks. I'll probably run Windows 2000 in Accordance, still. Don't own a spare copy of XP.)
I hate going through the process as I get too caught up in geek-fantasies. I'll be glad when the decision are all over.


blu_stocking said...

Hey Russell!
Yay, I just found your blog through Facebook... I just broke down and bought a Macbook (my first new computer ever) and I can totally recommend it. But beware, Leopard has some compatibility issues with older software and hardware (PhotoShop and my trusty old Lexmark printer were casualties).
Stay Well!

Ben said...

You have chosen... wisely.

You will never return. Continuing to use Linux and FreeBSD is permissable, but Windows must never again sully your cortex.

Forget what is behind, strain toward what is ahead.