Monday, November 27, 2006

Exams are over

Well, exams are over and I'm happy with what I've learnt (and hopefully I'll be content with my results, too). Highlights were:
  • putting together the Pentateuch and Former Prophets and being persuaded of their historicity;
  • getting to do the detailed commentary reading I hadn't managed all year;
  • Romans 5 and 8. Hope != wish. These are great chapters that move from the reality of Christ's work for us to the certainty of our future with Christ and of Christ's work in us;
  • getting the narrative of John sorted out (a bit);
  • quality time with Luther - I love his passion and the shape of his theology. We have so much to thank God for from his time on earth.
Now it's time to relax, go to AFES's NTE and then sort out things around the house and on mooreish. We'll see what we get done.

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