Monday, October 16, 2006

Success with Puppy Linux

Well, I ended up getting my Compaq laptop to run, but only by dropping back to Puppy 1.08. Two major improvements from the last install. First, I installed a newer version of OpenOffice that uses the GTK+ graphics system (or whatever JWM uses) so it runs heaps faster. Second, initially I couldn't get BibleWorks 5 to re-install under wine. (It was a different pup file than my original install.) But when I found a replacement dll file for the editor's dll, it ran happily. I'm back to working well on my laptop after much frustration.


Hon said...

I've been enthralled by how small but easy to use PuppyOS is! It could be the first distro I would use regularly! I'm keen to learn how to make Open Office faster to run with PuppyOS. Please would you advise me step by step how?

May God bless you.


Hon said...

Please would you kindly share with me how to make Open Office run heaps faster on PuppyOS?

It may just make PuppyOS the first Linux distro I'd use regularly!

May God bless you!


Russ said...

Hi hon,

Sorry for not responding sooner. I've been offline from blogging for a while.

Afraid I haven't been using PuppyOS for most of this year. (I'll post a blog on what I've been using soon.) And it's been so long ago that I can't remember exactly where I found the OpenOffice install, though I remember that it wasn't in the Puppy package manager at that stage.

What's worse, I'm not up with the latest for PuppyOS. The newest versions, I gather, have better package management. Also, they're built on slackware, which I've found really reliable this year.

So maybe I shouldn't offer any advice and should simply point you to puppy forums. They're the best place to ask up-to-date questions. (Which I'm sure you've probably already done by now.)

Once again, sorry for the tardy reply.