Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Setting up an old Armada laptop with Linux

Have been setting up an old Compaq Armada 1500c laptop with Linux and have tried the following: Obviously Ubuntu was just too slow (it only has 64MB RAM). Xubuntu is nice to use but again ends up too slow, especially with OpenOffice. Puppy wasn't a lot better for OpenOffice but because booting and general use are a lot faster, it was easier to at least get off the ground. My particular problem has been using Wine to run BibleWorks 5 - software for working with the Greek and Hebrew text of the Bible. Originally I had Puppy 1.8 and the version of Wine I downloaded happily installed BibleWorks. But in every other later setup (including Puppy 2.2 and Xubuntu 6.6) the version of Wine froze during early installation or would freeze immediately on startup. Am still only learning the ropes with Wine so will keep trying. On BibleWorks 5 is listed as not installing so it's not really that surprising. What is surprising is that it worked in the first place. Have fiddled with WineTools under Xubuntu without any effect. My next plan is to try installing under Win98 mode instead of NT. Perhaps the first install was before they had switched the default emulation mode.

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