Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ethics of Work

Have been asked to lead a strand for AFES's National Training Event on the Ethics of Work. (It's not so much that I've been asked. Joce is a full time staffworker and has lead their Biblical Theology strand for years now, so she asked for a change and this is what they suggested. Am looking forward to it but have some thinking to do. Have not become conscious of my thinking on ethics so will need to give myself more of a framework. (This year's philosophy helped but need to think on the explicitly Christian application of it.) Big questions at this stage: if we say that work is neither entirely continuous nor entirely discontinuous, how do we speak about the continuity and on what basis do we draw the line? what is the cash value? (obviously not "your work redeems creation and establishes God's kingdom now", but neither is it "your work is useless or only of value for feeding yourself" - which Ephesians 6 pushes against) So some fun thinking to be done.

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